quarantine and questions

how many friends have you texted already ranting you were bored?
how many shows and movies have you already binge watched?
i know you don’t know, neither do i
we’re lost track of not only the time but also our mind
we were moving so fast, this halt is unwelcomed
do you know your friends or family or the stranger you follow on instagram?
really do you even know yourself?
please question
question your purpose
your ability
or how you want to wake up when you’re 35
you want a cabin in the middle of trees waking up to the birds chirping? or do you want a penthouse with a sea view, waking up to the sun hitting your skin like it rose today, only for you?
make a cup of tea
or coffee
or lemonade
or none
and walk to your balcony
or your window
or your terrace
or don’t
but please for the love of god
quieten your mind
and listen to it’s silence.
please question the reason you get out of bed every morning
question why your favourite book is your favourite, why your favourite character is your favourite
why you smile at every dog you see
why you wait for your friend while they tie their laces
why you even laugh at jokes you don’t find funny
why you look at the sky in awe, yet you look at it rarely
may you think today
may you find peace today
may you appreciate this moment
may you listen to songs you stopped listening to in grade 8
may you look at the moon each night in it’s melancholy
may your hair blow in wind like a bollywood actress in every scenery
may you know who you really are because you’re the only one worth knowing
may you come out of this, changing yet unchanged.

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